Introducing Adele Fowler who qualified from our BTEC Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy in July 2015.

What were you doing before you decided to do the OSSM diploma?

I was juggling being a single mum of two whilst working part time in IT.

What things did you have to consider before enrolling on the course?

I had lots to consider!

  • Could I fully commit to the course whilst holding down a job?
  • Would I still be able to be a mum whilst trying to find times to study and practice around them?
  • Can I learn something completely new after being out of education for over 20 years?
  • Can I afford to fail?
  • Am I brave enough to consider doing sports massage as a living?

What were your course highlights?

Always the practical side, but the biggest highlights were learning Muscle Energy Techniques and Soft Tissue Release techniques.  Amazing, effective techniques which I use all the time in my clinic today!

What happened after the course?

Honestly? Nothing immediately – it was a bit of an anti-climax!

BUT, I knew this was my calling and I needed to make big changes in my personal and professional life in order for me to be able to ultimately have a viable business.

Within weeks of graduating I was having a garden office built in my back garden as it was very important to have a business that worked for me, but also around my family.

I also sought a business coach who helped me change my mindset.  Initially, I wanted to heal the world, but I very quickly realised that was not going to pay my mortgage.  My coach helped me understand the value I bring to people’s lives and, most importantly, what I am worth.

What are you doing now and how did the OSSM course help? 

I am fully self-employed working part time in my busy five-star clinic OB Sports Massage.  I work the hours I choose, treating the clients I want, but most importantly it gives me the financial freedom to do what I want, when I want.

I treat an amazing mix of clients – from professional athletes, to professional actors, to sporty children, to the elderly, to busy business people stressed out working at a desk all day!  No two days are ever the same!

I have worked hard to have a business that not only am I passionate about, but that truly makes a difference to my clients’ quality of life.  My clinic is fully booked every week and I’m also picking up between 2-5 new clients a week, which is fantastic!

Studying is a big decision, what advice would you give others considering a career change?

Do it!  There will never be a perfect time to study, but if you have that urge and desire to change career then there is no time like the present!  I honestly wish I did it years ago.  Best advice I can give is to focus on yourself, not worry about the ability of others in the group.  I was not the most academic on the course, but I believed in my ability and studied regularly in manageable bite-sized chunks.

Any other comments about studying with OSSM?

The tutors are great!  Ady was there throughout the course and was always very supportive.  He’s a fantastic tutor.  I had several wobbles on the course, but he always took time to go through anything I was not certain with and always put me at ease.  Lisa also gave me some great advice along the way too.  Without them I would have buckled under the pressure, so big thanks to both of you!

Thanks Adele for taking part! You can find out more about Adele on her OB Sports Massage Facebook page.

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