A few of the comments sent in by our recent graduates ...

"I loved the course and can't rate the tutors highly enough."

"I just wanted to say what a fantastic job the tutors do teaching the course. Having delivered group training myself, I appreciate the need to tailor your approach to accommodate the needs and requirements of a varied group of students while still achieving the objectives of the course and learning outcomes. With the broad spectrum of knowledge and experience held by the tutors, they deliver this perfectly. The synergy between tutors and assistants is excellent, coupled with the excellent support and administration provided by yourself in the office, all converging into a first class training programme.
Many thanks"

"I really enjoyed the diploma course run by OSSM. I consolidated and extended my knowledge, honed my skills and learned new techniques which I have already used to good effect. I found the weekends informative, friendly and fun and always looked forward to attending. Thank you to Ady, the other instructors and yourself for your help and support."

"I absolutely loved the course and the tutors were exceptional!!"

"It was an excellent course. Please pass on my thanks to all the tutors. Their experience, enthusiasm and insights were what really made the course."

"I would like to say a big thank you to all the members of the team for a great course and for their patience!"

"Thanks Lisa for all your help and support and yes I have thoroughly enjoyed the course.  Good to challenge yourself and even better to find out you can do it."

"Lisa, I really want to thank you, Paul and all the OSSM lecturers for your enormous support over the last 10 months.  Thank you all so much. What a marvellous team you are."

"Can I please thank you and all of the tutors for a truly amazing course.  The tutors were a true inspiration and I feel extremely lucky to have been taught by them. Not only did they bring their vast wealth of knowledge to every weekend, but also a sense of fun and pure passion for the subject, which enabled us all to learn in a relaxed, friendly environment. I have met some fantastic people on the course, whom I will definitely stay in contact with, so all in all an amazing experience."

"I just want to thank you and the wonderful tutors for a thoroughly enjoyable course, and really appreciate all your hard work behind the scenes."

"Many thanks for a fabulous course.  I really enjoyed it from start to finish!"

"Thanks to everyone at OSSM for their help, support and encouragement throughout the course, it really did make the journey so much easier."

"Please would you thank all the tutors for their patience with an older learner who found the course challenging and rewarding!"

"Fantastic - the sessions flew by.  Your instructors really are very inspiring and make the learning relevant and interesting."

"Thanks for all of your help - the course has been quite tough and intensive, but excellent."

"I would definitely recommend OSSM courses to anyone and can say that your tutors are absolutely without doubt worth every penny!!  What a great team.  Keep up the good work!!"

Dr Andrew Moss - Sports Massage Practitioner, Fleet

How can I put into words the course at OSSM?  I enjoyed this course from the very first weekend on the introductory massage workshop right through to the very last day of the final exams.  The tutors are amazing, the content is fascinating and you'll go from being an enthusiastic novice to a highly competent therapist in ten amazing months.  Being taught by successful and professional soft tissue experts at the very top of their profession is truly inspiring and I am sure I have made lifelong friends on this course.  As I now embark on my new career I know I have all the tools to succeed in this awesome profession.  If you are interested in sports massage and looking to change profession, this is the course for you - I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Thank you Lisa and the OSSM team!

Ken Parsons - Sports Massage Practitioner, Bedford

My clinic is going from strength to strength.  I can`t believe it`s been five years since I qualified with OSSM, but I can tell you it was the best investment I have ever made.

Ian McLoughlin, BSc Hons MCSP HPC MSMA - Chartered Physiotherapist

The course has changed the way in which I work as a physiotherapist.  I use the techniques and skills which I acquired on a daily basis and have had excellent results.

Sarah Jocelyn

I graduated from OSSM in June 2009 and the course has radically changed my life.  I happened upon the course by chance through a girl I randomly met at a kick-boxing class.  At the time I was working as an event manager full-time and had been looking for a 'way out'.  I wanted a career change but wasn't sure about taking the plunge and making the necessary sacrifices to make it happen.  The diploma course at OSSM was perfect - I could study part-time whilst working to explore whether it was really what I wanted to do.  It was fantastic due to the passion of the tutors and the fascinating subject; an effective manual therapy underpinned by science and growing evidence.  Once I had graduated, I had a thirst for more.  I left my job and became a physiotherapy assistant in a hospital, working part-time as a sports massage therapist to make ends meet.  I fell in love with physio and decided to take a chance on a place at university.  I am now coming to the end of my first year and have never been happier.  I am so grateful to OSSM for instilling the passion within me for rehabilitation, and for arming me with the necessary tools to develop my skills.  Thank you OSSM and all the tutors!

Dr Sarah Taylor

As a long distance runner I have experienced the benefits of sports massage first hand and this has generated a keenness to understand and become proficient in the techniques myself. This course has definitely broadened my knowledge in the area of sports massage and has given me the skills to provide massage to both sporting and patient populations. The course attracts various people working within the fitness and health professions, all of whom have been interesting and fun to study with. I have gained a lot of knowledge and this course fuelled my interest to learn more about techniques that I had never heard of previously. I feel sports massage will play an ever-increasing complementary role in the treatment of musculoskeletal and other medical disorders by healthcare professionals as it becomes further researched and more evidence based.

Lee Paines MISRM MSMA - Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

I thought the course was fantastic and was a good mix of both theory and practical application taught by knowledgeable, friendly and approachable tutors. The way the course was delivered coped well with the mixed abilities and different backgrounds of the students, which is why I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. I learned so much from the team at OSSM and I believe that this has stood me in good stead to push forward and pursue a full time career as a Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist.

Charlotte Hardaker - Sports Massage Practitioner

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in massage, and to those who are looking to further their skills and experience. I have a large network of friends who have completed other sports massage courses, but in a professional setting their range of skills are very limited in comparison to those I have covered on this course. My massage skills have improved beyond recognition, as has my confidence. The lectures are a balance of the theoretical aspects of massage and fun practical learning.

Kevin Rodgers - Sports Massage Practitioner

This is an excellent course for people of all standards and backgrounds - I would definitely recommend it. The tutors all work really well together and make learning new techniques straightforward, for all levels, in a very relaxed but professional way. Although the course is demanding and the standards set are high, it is also really enjoyable. Since qualifying I have kept in touch with several of my classmates as well as the tutors, who have given me any support or advice that I have needed. My practice is growing steadily and I now have the confidence to tackle any problem that comes my way. This in itself is a testament to the way I was taught.